Rosalie Smith


Rosalie Smith was born in Blacksburg, VA, and has grown up and down the east coast, including New Orleans, where she currently resides. She completed her BA in Studio Art and Landscape Studies at Smith College in 2015, primarily under the guidance of Lynne Yamamoto, Kevin Quashie, and John Gibson. While at Smith College, Rosalie began to engage in ideas of radical equity as she developed as an artist. This interest festered as she began her career as the Institutional Giving Manager at the Contemporary Arts Center in New Orleans, LA, where she worked from 2016-2017. While working at the CAC Smith became frustrated with the focus of local artistic resources on artists who had no tie to New Orleans, and she eventually left to pursue her own artwork and projects.

Smith has shown her work at The Freezer (Skagastrond, Iceland), Janotta Gallery (Northampton, MA), The Furnace (Albany, NY), Antenna Gallery (New Orleans, LA), Alice Galleries (Islesboro, ME), and Brand New Orleans Gallery (New Orleans, LA), the Contemporary Arts Center (New Orleans, LA). This spring, she looks forward to exhibitions at Barrister’s Gallery, Aquarium Gallery, and Southern Heat Exchange.

Smith is currently an artist in residence at Art Klub in New Orleans, LA, and will be an artist in residence at Hinge Arts at the Kirkbridge in Fergus Falls, MN, during late April and early May 2019. She has previously completed a residency at Nes Artist Residency (Skargastrond, Iceland), and has been a Teaching Artist at Snow Farm Craft School in Williamsburg, MA.



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Regina Parkinson


Regina Parkinson is an art curator currently based in New Orleans, where she spent a year directing Brand New Orleans Art Gallery, a space committed to giving a platform to emerging local artists. She currently works with the local non-profit Art Klub as an exhibition and public relations manager. Prior to New Orleans, Regina spent three years in New York City developing a curatorial practice in both the independent and commercial sectors of the art world.

She got her start curating shows in cafes across Boston after graduating with a B.A. in Art History from UMass Amherst. She has mounted several exhibitions at art fairs and pop-up galleries, including site-specific installations. Her practice is committed to helping artists address new audiences through strong messages of empowerment, as well as producing powerful exhibitions that allow viewers to use art to explore new concepts.




Taylor Balkissoon


Taylor Balkissoon is an artist and curator who recently relocated to New Orleans from Denver, Colorado. In Denver she curated and organized several large scale exhibitions with institutions like the MCA Denver, BMoCA, Gildar Gallery, the Colorado Photographic Arts Center and the international artist run space Dateline. She has spent time mentoring at risk youth through Platte Forum's Summer art lab and been a resident of Central Utah Art's Center's spring residency program.

She has remained an independent curator and artist due to an inherent mistrust of institutions and an unsteady opinion on why art matters. She recently had a solo show at Aquarium Gallery after taking a year and a half off from her practice to re-examine her values. She is excited about the prospect of meeting other artists and curators and art lovers who also take issue with the absurd state of art and money within American capitalism.



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Kate McCurdy works at Glitter Box N.O., facilitates open critiques and networking events for Ladies in the Arts New Orleans, and assists local artists with their artwork. She has a personal practice in fiber arts, functional sculpture, and printmaking.

Kate has worked and observed the many types and stages of the career of a New Orleans artist; from art market hustling, to juggling a few jobs to support a personal practice, to those with teaching jobs, gallery representation, and museum shows. It is continually shocking how few of them are independently, financially stable. This has inspired Kate to build social support networks between artists. Through the over 100 artists who’s work is at the Glitter Box and the Facebook network of Ladies in the Arts New Orleans, Kate attempts to build a community where artists can share experiences on how to get by, what to avoid, and what ones' options are. With the Lucky Art Fair, Kate is trying to expand the reach, and economic viability, of the many artists who call New Orleans home.